Ty Segall Collects Rarities on Singles Compilation

Ty Segall Collects Rarities on Singles Compilation
After releasing what was arguably his strongest album to date earlier this year in Goodbye Bread, long-running garage pop dude Ty Segall is showing no signs of slowing down with the announcement of a new singles compilation.

The 25-track collection will span over two LPs or a single CD, and compiles tracks from Segall's large body of work, most of which is out of print and some of which was never released to begin with.

Simply titled Singles 2007-2010, the release will hit on November 22 via on Goner Records. That's the tracklisting below and the cover above.

Singles 2007-2010:

1. "Where We Go"
2. "It"
3. "Sweets"
4. "Son Of Sam"
5. "Skin"
6. "Booksmarts"
7. "Ms. White"
8. "... And Then Judy Walked In"
9. "Cents"
10. "No No"
11. "Standing At The Station"
12. "My Sunshine"
13. "Fuzzy Cat"
14. "Maria Stacks"
15. "Caesar"
16. "Bullet Proof Nothing"
17. "Lovely One"
18. "Happy Creeps"
19. "Hey Big Mouth"
20. "Dating"
21. "So Alone"
22. "Shoot You In The Head"
23. "The Drag"
24. "Standing At The Station" (demo)
25. "I Think I've Had It"