Ty Segall "The Singer" (video)

Ty Segall 'The Singer' (video)
Psychedelic garage-rockin' dude Ty Segall is back with another clip from his latest effort Manipulator, which is out now via Drag City.

Following the video for the album's title track, Segall has teamed up once again with director Matt Yoka for another surreal viewing experience. As a press release for the new clip puts it:

As before, he and his crew have put together an entirely natural, yet completely artificial environment for the latest dream of the (multiple) realities of Ty Segall. The songs come from his head, but sometimes you think these songs were meant for you. Does that mean that you've come from his head too? It's a bit much, the way the signifier and the possible meanings here loop around and around.

Watch as Segall performs in a cluttered room, surrounded by figments of his (or is it ours?) imagination. One thing's for sure — it's a trippy clip that's a more than suitable accompaniment to the retro-rock tune. Give it a look below.