Two Wings "Peace-Fear" (video)

Two Wings 'Peace-Fear' (video)
UK label Tin Angel Records recently announced plans to set up shop in Toronto, but along with having a number of Canadian acts on its roster, the label still boasts its fair share of talent from over the pond. Among those UK acts are Glaswegian outfit Two Wings. The band will release their album A Wake on April 14, and to give us an idea of what's in store, they've shared a video for its "Peace-Fear."

The song is a bright pop tune that takes the soft-focus folk rock jangle of Fleetwood Mac and gives it a modern sheen with quirky vocals. The accompanying video takes close-up head shots of the band members and overlays them using colour-altered effects.

The band's Ben Reynolds explained a statement:

We teamed up again with filmmaker Daniel Warren who made our first video a couple of years back. We wanted something which would suit the song aesthetically without necessarily referencing the subject matter of the lyrics. We went for smoke machines, strobes and white light a la late '70s/early '80s Top of the Pops to get that kinda icy and metallic feel coupled with the warmth of the more abstract and colourful shadowy shots (which I think came out sorta 'disco'!). At least in my mind that clicked with how the production of the recording sounds... cold, but with moments of warmth!

You can watch the video below, where you'll also find a widget to download "Peace-Fear."