Twitter Reportedly Poised to Shut #Music App

Twitter Reportedly Poised to Shut #Music App
Do you use Twitter's #Music app? If not, you aren't the only one, since Twitter is reportedly poised to abandon the platform after a mere six months.

Twitter hasn't officially commented on the matter, but anonymous sources close to the matter tell the New York Times and AllThingsD that the app will be abandoned shortly.

Twitter #Music made a splash when it was introduced back in the spring, but the excitement quickly died out and the platform never really took hold. The app has faired poorly at the iTunes store. Some critics point to Twitter #Music's lack of integration with the main Twitter feed as a reason for its failure. Others have complained about a lack of consistency between Twitter buzz and the #Music charts.

It's unclear exactly when or how the platform is expected to shut, but assuming that it closes soon, don't look for this to be the end of Twitter's forays into music. Bob Moczydlowsky was named the company's head of music last month, and the New York Times reports that Twitter is believed to be seeking new ways to integrate music into its service.

Twitter #Music had been intended as a music discovery platform, in addition to tracking Twitter's most buzzed about artists. As of press time, it's still up and running.