'Twin Peaks' Soundtracks Set for Vinyl Reissues via Death Waltz

'Twin Peaks' Soundtracks Set for Vinyl Reissues via Death Waltz
While Sacred Bones recently dug up trove of vintage Twin Peaks soundtracks, reissue hub Death Waltz Recording Company is one-upping that imprint by delivering two separate soundtrack reissues behind David Lynch's much-loved cult TV show.

This week, label head Spencer Hickman took to Death Waltz's official message board thread on Spin the Black Circle to note that the label will be serving up vinyl versions of both the soundtrack to the first season of Twin Peaks and the show's posthumous 1992 feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, which serves as a prequel to the series.

While due dates have yet to be unveiled, the former will be served up on "cherry"-coloured vinyl, referencing agent Dale Cooper's (played by Kyle MacLachlan) favourite flavour of pie, and the latter will be pressed onto "coffee"-coloured vinyl, a nod to Cooper's damn fine drink of choice.

Angelo Badalamenti's jazzy and synth-driven Soundtrack from Twin Peaks was originally issued through Warner Bros. in 1990, with his score for Fire Walk with Me arriving in 1992. However, neither release has been reissued on vinyl since originally coming out back in the early '90s.

Hickman states that the new soundtrack reissues "have artwork approved by David Lynch himself," though the new covers have yet to be revealed.

Other upcoming soundtracks Hickman highlighted in some recent messages include Fabio Frizzi's scores to Italian horror filmmaker Lucio Fulci's The Beyond (which was reissued by Mondo in 2012) and City of the Living Dead, an as-yet-unnamed "film that celebrates its birthday this year (it's over 30 years old)," and at least two Record Store Day releases for films where "you have never heard more than the main theme." Details, from artwork to release dates, are apparently forthcoming.

Hickman also revealed that copies of the previously announced Slumber Party Massacre soundtrack will make their way into stores in the second week of March. This month, however, the label is releasing the soundtracks to Forbidden World and Ms. 45.