Twilighters Rejoice: New Moon Hits the Big Screen and Exclaim! Has the Review, Along with Write-Ups on Fantastic Mr. Fox, Bad Lieutenant and More

Twilighters Rejoice: <i>New Moon</i> Hits the Big Screen and Exclaim! Has the Review, Along with Write-Ups on <i>Fantastic Mr. Fox</i>, <i>Bad Lieutenant</i> and More
OMG! Have you seen New Moon yet? Chances are, probably not. But luckily, as is our Friday custom here at Exclaim!, we've reviewed it and all the weekend's new films, and you can read about them right now in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed motion section.

Twilight fans can rejoice at the fact that New Moon has finally hit theatres. The Chris Weitz-directed sequel based on the book of the same name hits all the expected spots, and should please the multitude of fans who were awaiting the film with bated breath.

Jorge Blanco's Planet 51 is also out now, which features Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a brazen American astronaut who finds the planet he planned to claim for the U.S. is actually inhabited by aliens who live in a society not unlike 1950s America.

This weekend, director Wes Anderson returns to the big screen with the Exclaim!-recommended Fantastic Mr. Fox, which, despite being an animated feature, lives up to Anderson's acclaimed body of work. Another animated gem to check out is Adam Elliott's criminally overlooked Mary and Max, a claymation feature-length that remains heart-warming without glossing over the oft-bleakness of reality.

The surprisingly hard-to-dislike white-upper-class back-pat The Blind Side is out, as are two TIFF films that are now getting wide release: the meandering, Lee Edwards-directed Precious and Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, which features Nicolas Cage as a misanthropic police lieutenant on the case of a triple homicide.

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