TV Sets "Elsewhere"

TV Sets 'Elsewhere'
Toronto dream popsters TV Sets delivered a video for "These Rifle Years" last year off an EP of the same, and now the band are gearing up to unveil their next release.
Elsewhere arrives later this summer, and Exclaim! is giving you a preview of the new EP with the premiere of its title track.
Jangly guitars, moody bass and peppy percussion provide the backdrop for duelling voices — the deep, raw, morose stylings of lead vocalist Joshua mixed with bandmate Angela's angelic harmonies.
"'Elsewhere' was a song we kept shelving because something about it wouldn't click," the band tells Exclaim! "After writing it at half the speed, it was only when we jokingly sped it up out of sheer frustration that it all started to come together. The lyrics deal with the idea of still being able to change yourself overnight after feeling stuck in the past and unable to move forward. It's essentially a nostalgic sounding argument against nostalgia."
Elsewhere is due out August 4. Listen to the title track down below.