TV on the Radio to Release Nine Types Of Light: The Movie

TV on the Radio to Release <i>Nine Types Of Light</i>: The Movie
We are just one week away from the release of TV on the Radio's new LP, Nine Types of Light, and, man, are we excited. Between the leaks and artwork that surfaced over the last couple of months, we've been balancing precariously on our seats for this to drop. Well, if that wasn't enough, here's another nugget of news that's got us all pumped for next Tuesday (April 12): TV on the Radio also seem to have made a movie to go along with the new album.

We don't have all the details, or confirmation from the band that a real film actually exists, but a trailer was just released for a film put together by the group, also titled Nine Types of Light. In the preview clip, you have a hodgepodge of footage, from dudes chasing each other in the street to some wildly animated sci-fi clips to snippets of that sensual "Will Do" video. Chances are they all work together to highlight the band's latest masterwork. Check out the trailer below.

UPDATE: According to Pitchfork, the film will be included on a DVD packaged with the deluxe edition of Nine Types of Light. So, yes, this film is definitely happening.

Also, if you can't wait for the record to drop, the Guardian has posted a player featuring brief samples of each track. Or if you live in the U.S., you can listen to the album on Rhapsody

Thanks to One Thirty BPM for the tip.