Turbulence Do Good

Andreas "Brotherman” Christopherson’s Minor 7 Flat 5 label is continuing its quality streak, and this is his second full-length production of one of Jamaica’s hottest artists. Sing-jay Turbulence has been moving away from too-righteous lyrics and hard-as-nails dancehall rhythms into a more positive frame of mind featuring a more diverse approach. Turbulence’s intensity turns a laidback rhythm into something more compelling and that’s the story of a good half-dozen winners on this disc. Well-articulated songs like "We Deserve” and "Too Much Killin’” are backed by strong production with deep bass lines and judicious dub techniques. Hopefully Turbulence won’t go too far down Sizzla’s road, but he has potential as an R&B singer on the garage-y "Good Time.” Also like Sizzla, Mr. T has a tender side, which emerges on the album with sensitive tunes like "Next Flight,” where he owns up to his responsibilities as a father. Do Good, however, doesn’t with any of its dancehall productions, like "Move On,” which suffers from dry beats and brittle, synthesised strings. When both Christopherson and Turbulence are matching strength with strength, the results are powerful. Do Good is a fine place to start investigating Turbulence’s work. (Minor 7 Flat 5)