tUnE-yArDs Emerges with "I Gaze Data Long Shelf of Batteries" Piece for Mysterious Web Series

tUnE-yArDs Emerges with 'I Gaze Data Long Shelf of Batteries' Piece for Mysterious Web Series
Early last month, we learned of a shadowy new audio/visual project that involved Owen Pallett and Arcade Fire cohort Brendan Reed. While little was revealed as to the project's origins or who was behind it, we did get a two-minute video by Pallett and Reed called "Our Shadows Slanting by the Lamp." Now the next part in the series has arrived, and it apparently features none other than tUnE-yArDs.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, tUnE-yArDs' management has informed us the track is a hoax, leading us to believe the older instalment to the project is no different.

Over on the project's website, you'll now find a new piece called "I Gaze Data Long Shelf of Batteries," which features what claims to be a new tUnE-yArDs composition — though it's only 25 seconds long. You can listen to it here.

The site also contains the following message:

I slept in the second bedroom, in its king-sized bed. On one night table I had a jar filled with nuts and bolts. On the other, I had a jar of screwdrivers. The top shelf of my armoire held wire. I kept the most important electrical equipment piled under the window. Every morning I woke up, opened my eyes, and gazed at a long shelf of batteries.

Word of the new instalment came to Exclaim! via an email address assigned to someone named "Паш Паш," who provided the Russian message "Спасибо, что написали об этом крошечном чуда," or "Thank you for writing about this tiny miracle."

Our guess is as good as yours as to who is actually behind the project, but Part III is promised to follow soon. And of course, we can't completely confirm that this is indeed to work of tUnE-yArDs, though we have contacted her label for confirmation as to her involvement in all this.