Tujiko Noriko and Tyme. Ready New LP for Editions Mego

Tujiko Noriko and Tyme. Ready New LP for Editions Mego
It's been nearly six years since experimental J-pop artist Tujiko Noriko released her album Solo on Editions Mego, but the artist has spent that time working on a fascinating new project with Tyme. (aka Tatsuya Yamada).

The recordings between these two artists, who are going under the moniker Tyme. x Tujiko, occurred over six years, as they would come together and make a song together twice a year -- once at the end of the year and once at the start. Choosing the best of those recordings and adding five more tracks, GYU was born.

Describing the release as "a gaudy take on J-pop," Editions Mego says, "These songs are bustling with a weird sense optimism thats not only fun but a little odd as well. The end and the start of a year, made by thinking of future, giving it a shiny sheen with just a dash of darkness."

Chances are this will be Mego's poppiest release of the new year, which in a strange way makes it one of the experimental label's most adventurous.

GYU will be available as a CD, LP or digital download on January 17. You can pre-order the album here.


1. "akete, akete" あけて、あけて
2. "gyungyun" ギュンギュン
3. "tropic penguin" トロピックペンギン
4. "heart koorasete" ハート凍らせて
5. "vacation of god" 神様のバケーション
6. "from a spring" 泉より
7. "golden heart" ゴールデンハート
8. "ten to sen" 点と線
9. "slow motion" スローモーション
10. "unforgettable light" 忘れない光
11. "world" 世界

Ten to Sen / Tyme.+imaginion by Tyme. / Tatsuya Yamada