True Love Always Torch

There's a certain brand of indie pop that crackles with life, often driven by a catchy bass line. At its best, it feels like it's propelling you into a bright future, where promises are kept, friendships are renewed, and despite your romantic travails, true love will be yours. Teen Beat's Mark Robinson (Unrest) has released quite a few albums like this, but True Love Always deserves to move to the head of the class with Torch. "Sunshine," to pick just one example, is so feel-good AM radio pop, it makes your teeth hurt. "In It To Win" just begs for Burt Bacharach to help out with some string arrangements - and if TLA had been around in 1968, he would have. But really, this trio doesn't need the clutter; their stupidly simple guitar, bass, drums and occasional guest line-up is high-flying the pop flag on its own. (TeenBeat)