Trio S Trio S

The lovely, calming shade of blue on the cover is an immediate sign that soothing music is contained inside. Doug Wieselman, a veteran New York reedist and composer, has assembled a project inspired by the experiences and encounters he’s had with rivers around the world. These short pieces are composed of himself on clarinet, guitar and loops, Jane Scarpantoni's cello and the wonderfully understated work of Kenny Wollesen. Each piece has a liquid, undulating quality, which is enhanced by the sensitive recording and mixing process. The creative use of reverb renders the recording subtly textured at quiet volumes, bringing out more menace when played loud. There are few complex, melodic statements here; what’s at work are simple themes, subtly played rhythms and relaxed tempos. The standout is Wolleson's work: he sticks to quietly-played toms for the most part, mixed in a bass heavy way, which recall bodhrans. In the suite, "Anthony's River," he tones it down even more, with drum rolls as gentle as wind rustling through trees, or clouds rolling by. There is more than one instance of Celtic overtones, such as the bagpipe quality to "Fordigan," and the cadences of the closing track, "Davy Lowston." Fans of experimental string and rhythm ensembles, like Rachel’s, would appreciate this disc. (Zithrerine)