Trio 3 + Irene Schweizer Berne Concert

As super-groups go, Trio 3 have got more credentials than one would care to count. Andrew Cyrille (percussion), Oliver Lake (reeds) and Reginald Workman (contrabass) have contributed more to modern music than most, and with the addition of one of Europe's most vital and consistent improvisers, Irene Schweizer (piano), a formidable concert release makes its way to us. The range and variety of music that careens from this CD is breathtaking, to say the least. While the music is firmly grounded in African/American tradition, the restless inventiveness and pure skill of the musicians take even that tried and true expression a few notches up the scale. There are beautiful moments of lyricism interspersed with bursts of tightly focused intensity and as a listening experience, we are treated to trios, duets and quartets that set each musician in varied contexts. Schweizer's beautiful conversational work with Workman is a prime example on "R.I. Exchange." This is a remarkable and inspired release. (Intakt)