Tricky Unveils New Album with Skilled Mechanics

Tricky Unveils New Album with Skilled Mechanics
A year on from Tricky's most recent solo album, Adrian Thaws, the Bristol-bred producer has announced a new collaborative project called Skilled Mechanics. You can discover the trio's handiwork on their forthcoming self-titled debut, which lands January 22 through Tricky's False Idols imprint.

A press release explains that the group started up after Tricky made a move to Berlin this past spring. He's teamed up with DJ Milo and drummer Luke Harris. Tricky's history with DJ Milo is a rich one, with the two having lived together when they were children and having produced a collaborative tape early in their careers. They've worked together plenty of times since then. Harris is likewise a longtime collaborator of Tricky's.

Their band name comes from an espionage documentary Tricky had seen, which had referred to government-toppling assassins as "skilled mechanics."

"I thought that was a great name for someone who was a killer basically," Tricky shared in a statement. "The name was so dark and cynical it just stuck with me."

Skilled Mechanics follows Tricky's vocal-heavy approach from Adrian Thaws, but the use of a band name is intended to erase listener expectations.

He added: "On Adrian Thaws, my last album, I came to the forefront vocally. I was more in your face on three of the tracks but I wanted to build even further towards a catalogue of songs where I didn't rely on a girl singer. But I realized it would be hard to do under the name Tricky because people would always associate that name with me using a female singer."

Down below, you'll catch "Diving Away," Skilled Mechanics' reinterpretation of '90s alt-rock act Porno for Pyros' "Porpoise Head" number from 1996. Skilled Mechanics also tackle Slipknot singer Corey Taylor's "Bother." Guest players including rapper Ivy 艾菲, singer Renata Platon, Oh Land, and Francesca Belmonte.

Skilled Mechanics:

1. I'm Not Going (ft. Oh Land)
2. Hero (ft. Ann Dao)
3. Don't Go
4. Beijing To Berlin (ft. Ivy 艾菲)
5. Diving Away
6. Boy
7. Bother
8. How's Your Life
9. Here My Dear
10. We Begin' (ft. Francesca Belmonte)
11. Well
12. Necessary
13. Unreal (ft. Xdare)