Tribalistas Ja Sei Namorar (I Already Know how to Love)

Brazilian writer, poet and musician Arnaldo Antunes is practically a veteran in the bossa nova, rock and samba scenes, generating a wide variety of works in all his chosen genres of expression. Collaborating with celebrated Salvadorian singer, composer and instrumentalist Carlinhos Brown can only create a positive outcome — especially if jazz and opera trained Marisa Monte (daughter of celebrated Samba artist Carlos Monte) is added to the mix. The three have a long, shared history of projects and this clearly shows through in the single "Ja Sei Namorar,” an absolutely smouldering track that layers acoustic guitars and two-step beats, but leaves plenty of room for Antunes and Monte to sing and weave through its minimalism. British producer and bossa nova specialist Chris Franck's remix adds a little over a minute to the original track and extends its two-step potential, muddying the vocals and creating an entirely danceable number. With three well-honed musicians working in conjunction, the full-length album promises to be a wondrous experience for lovers of bossa nova music and otherwise. (EMI)