Tres Padres "Father's Day" / "A Lot to Maintain"

Tres Padres 'Father's Day' / 'A Lot to Maintain'
Sebadoh leader Lou Barlow took to YouTube today (May 3) to unveil a pair of old tracks from a shelved 7-inch release by a project called Tres Padres. Formed by Barlow, multi-instrumental Yeah Yeah Yeahs collaborator Imaad Wasif and Melvins skinsman Dale Crover, the unit's "Father's Day" and "A Lot to Maintain" have been unearthed and can now be streamed online.

Seeing as their name literally translates from Spanish to English as "Three Parents," issuing a song called "Father's Day" may seem a little on the nose. The track, though, is a subtle and slightly psychedelic exploration, with Barlow sketching out a tale of compulsion about "the father addicted alone." Sonically, it's slathered in some wah-wah guitar fuzz and extra bass playing from Foo Fighters' Nate Mendel.

"A Lot to Maintain" is a bit heavier, with Crover hammering his kit, and the rest of the band offering a whirl of dirtied melodies and atmosphere-breaking guitar noodling. It too is a personal one, with Barlow weighing in with the fact that he "can't carry all the sorrow and pain."

You'll find the once-shelved recordings, which were tracked at Dave Grohl's 606 Studios in 2013, down below.