Trent Reznor Working with Beats By Dre on Secret Projects

Trent Reznor Working with Beats By Dre on Secret Projects
Yesterday (October 15), we heard from How to Destroy Angels main man Trent Reznor about his decision to return to a major label to issue his band's music, and now the musician has admitted to another big business pairing with headphone makers Beats By Dre.

A Facebook post from Reznor has confirmed the partnership with the Interscope Records-affiliated company, though he hasn't said exactly what he's up to. Whatever it is, though, apparently Reznor has been working together with Dr. Dre, co-owner and Interscope head Jimmy Iovine, and Luke Wood on "a number of very interesting projects that will start to emerge next year."

"I have been wanting to experiment and focus my energy and creativity in some different directions, and Beats has afforded me that very opportunity," Reznor writes. "The process has been challenging and fascinating and as much as I'd like to tell you about the things we've dreamed up... I just can't. Not yet."

While Reznor didn't detail any of the upcoming projects beyond that, he did hint that "it's probably not what you're expecting!" So, chances are this isn't just a pair of vanity headphones.

Adding to the mystery, a tweet from Reznor yesterday (October 15) claimed that he was "In the studio for a day of experimentation with a hero of mine…"

While How to Destroy Angels' new EP, An Omen, arrives November 13 through new label Columbia, this Beats By Dre partnership has returned Reznor to Iovine's Interscope family, which he famously fled from after being unhappy over Iovine's commissioning of Nine Inch Nails remixes from his hip-hop stable, among other reasons.

"You know what, Jimmy? Fuck you. Take that beat and shove it up Timbaland's ass," Reznor told the New Yorker [via FACT] in 2009 of the situation.

Now, though, it seems that's all water under the bridge.