Treeball National Treasure

It seems like there are still more than enough talented bands in Scandinavia that every year another handful try to gain a foothold outside their native lands. Finland’s Treeball are the latest to branch out and attempt to conquer another continent. They aren’t completely unknown in North America because Winnipeg’s Endearing Records have signed them up for the next release in their Intercontinental Pop Exchange series and they are also planning a Canadian tour to support that EP too. Sharing some of the elegance of early Cardigans and adding the boy-girl vocal interplay that made the Wannadies the flavour of the month a few years ago, Treeball seem to have this whole pop song thing really sussed. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they ended up signing to Rainbow Quartz simply because they would fit in well with the label both stylistically and geographically. Songwriting duties are shared between Astrid Swan and Nick Triani (who used to be in UK band Supermodel) and while it is easy to work out who wrote which song because they have their own individual style, there’s no denying there is a real chemistry between them vocally and that makes for interesting listening. National Treasure is a surprisingly strong album that will hopefully help the band find the wider audience they deserve. (Stupido)