Travis Bretzer "Lady Red"

Travis Bretzer 'Lady Red'
Edmonton-based indie dude Travis Bretzer is set to release his debut full-length Waxing Romantic next month, but is pleased to premiere album cut "Lady Red" before the whole package arrives.
Coming up through the same off-kilter pop scene that spawned Mac DeMarco, Alex Calder and Sean Nicholas Savage, Bretzer released his Making Love EP last summer. Now, he's ready to deliver a full album that maintains his "freewheeling sensibility," but steps up the production — making the move from the bedroom to the studio.
Like the title implies, the album tackles the theme of love. It's a personal reflection on the first couple years of his current relationship, highlighting particularly memorable moments.
On "Lady Red," Bretzer keeps it simple, blending jangly guitars with soft, sweet vocals, resulting in an expertly crafted, retro-inspired pop song.
Waxing Romantic arrives via Mexican Summer on February 24, but you can give "Lady Red" a spin below right now.