Traveler Channel the Best of Heavy Metal on 'Termination Shock'

Traveler Channel the Best of Heavy Metal on 'Termination Shock'
For heavy metal aficionados looking for their next fix of fast-paced, anthemic epics, Calgary-based quintet Traveler are back with Termination Shock, their second release in just over a year.

The eight-track, 40-minute album wastes no time in making its presence known, with thundering riffs, layered guitar melodies and unrelenting drums right from the get-go. Add in the operatic yet raspy vocals from lead singer Jean-Pierre Abboud along with some blistering guitar solos, and you've got the perfect recipe for a fresh, old-school metal record.

While comparisons to Iron Maiden and early '90s Judas Priest are easy to point out, Traveler manage to insert their own little spin in the way of fast-paced, almost speed metal-like passages. That being said, the band know exactly when to let their songs breathe, with slower passages strategically placed throughout the record and vocal melodies that are sure to make listeners want to sing along in their best falsetto.

If the album cover didn't make it obvious, the lyrics tell the story of a sci-fi epic and a protagonist's journey through various hardships. Combine the lyricism with all other elements, and you've got a highly energetic and engaging record on your hands.

Traveler might not be reinventing the wheel, but they've successfully managed to reflect the best of the heavy metal genre. (Gates of Hell)