Trashy Internet Gossip: Billy Corgan Is Dating Jessica Simpson

Trashy Internet Gossip: Billy Corgan Is Dating Jessica Simpson
Truly a man-about-town, aging alt-rock icon Billy Corgan has had a busy year. From losing drummer Jimmy Chamberlin and trying to find a replacement, his Smashing Pumpkins have also begun work on a sprawling 44-track album called Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. And if the trashy celebrity blogs are right, he's also hooked up with a super-lame love interest.

Perez Hilton points to a story from OK! that suggests things are heating up between Corgan and C-list pop star Jessica Simpson after the pair "connected" at a party on November 6. A witnesses at the party observed: "As the night went on, things got more intense and they talked with their faces just inches apart."

"A close friend of Jess" also told the rag that Simpson has "completely fallen for Billy and his easygoing, smart attitude... She says she wants to take things a lot further." Back on September 11, Simpson mentioned Corgan's new spiritual blog on her Twitter, saying, "My friend, Billy Corgan, has a pure and enlightening outlook on faith. Go to his new website!"

Okay, yeah, it all sounded a bit thin, leading us to almost write this whole thing off. But then we wake up this morning to find TMZ has photos of Simpson and Corgan leaving an NYC hotel. Seriously, the pics are posted  here.

If all this is indeed true, Simpson wouldn't be Corgan's first reality TV fling. Earlier this year, he was spotted numerous times with Tila Tequila.