Trash Talk and Flatbush Zombies "97.92"

Trash Talk and Flatbush Zombies '97.92'
Already being signed to Odd Future's label, California hardcore unit Trash Talk are fleshing out their affiliation to the hip-hop scene even further via a new collaborative track with Beast Coast trio Flatbush Zombies. As part of an upcoming Converse promotion, the crews have crafted a new tune together titled "97.92."

Rather than take a Judgement Night rap-rock route full of shouted verses and mosh grooves, Trash Talk guitarist Garrett Stevenson takes a subtler approach to his production on the track, bringing in ambient guitar tones and an early '90s-influenced boom-bap rhythm. Flatbush Zombies, meanwhile, do their thing with bars about anything from forgetting the haters, being sticky on the green and encountering stinky dudes that need to apply an couple extra layers of Degree.

You'll find the heady, blunt-fuelled collab for the impending CONS EP Vol. 1 down below.