Trailer Trash Tracys "Engelhardt's Arizona" (video)

Trailer Trash Tracys 'Engelhardt's Arizona' (video)
Last month, Exclaim! marvelled at English quartet Trailer Trash Tracys debut album Ester, crediting the creation of its gauzy, expansive dream pop to a "daring bunch not afraid to push themselves into the unknown." Now the troupe have highlighted album track "Engelhardt's Arizona" as a gateway to their weird and wonderful world.

A new age seminar and a panoply of coloured lights refracting on singer Susanne Aztoria hypnotize early on, but things get especially heady once the chill combo of lo-fi drum machine samba beats and dizzying, two-handed tapping lines hits the senses. A melange of astral and aquarium scenes, negative image renderings of jellyfish and performance footage follow, further intoxicating anyone ready to drink deep on the Trailer Trash Tracys.

You can check out the trippy clip below.