The Tragically Hip Hipeponymous (Limited Edition)

It’s been a strange year of reflection for one of Canada’s most inspiring and influential bands. 2005 saw the Hip draw such gold-watch honours as an induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and a full tribute at the Junos. Now comes this greatest hits box set whose assembly forced the modest band to take another look at its accomplishments over close to 20 years together. Besides each other, the one constant to the Hip’s success has been their amazing audience, whose loyalty and devotion continues to sustain the band at the highest level. As if checking in with a boss, the band drew support from 150,000 fans to select this comprehensive list of 35 tracks that make up two CDs under the banner "Yer Favourites.” Their instincts are more than sound and it’s a pleasure to see a relative obscurity like "Escape is at Hand for the Travellin’ Man” mixed with anthems like "New Orleans Is Sinking.” Of the two new songs, "No Threat” is a bear, a crunchy, C’mon-esque rocker that captures the band’s reckless live abandon. Speaking of live, this set includes an amazing concert DVD entitled That Night in Toronto, which showcases one of the greatest live bands in the world firing on all cylinders. A second DVD contains all 23 of the band’s existing music videos, highlighting their artful attention to detail over the years. Most fascinating of all is Christopher Mills’ abstract documentary, Macroscopic, a true visual feat that is a distant, "up-close-and-personal” perspective on what makes the Hip tick. With its beautiful liner notes and packaging, Hipeponymous is an amazing gift of music for both the band and its fans, a celebration of a rare bond that most artists can only dream of. (Universal)