Tradition Lines Up Sophomore Album In Small Gestures So Huge Love Is Everywhere

Tradition Lines Up Sophomore Album <i>In Small Gestures So Huge Love Is Everywhere</i>
Toronto psych-folkster Tradition (aka James Kalssen) has been making a name for himself on the Toronto singer-songwriter circuit over the last few years, releasing his self-titled solo debut in 2007 via the cooperative label Blocks Recording Club. Now, he's looking to take the next step and on Tuesday (June 29) will release his second full-length, In Small Gestures So Huge Love Is Everywhere.

This time around, Tradition will be releasing the album through Blocks in collaboration with his own label, Creme Brute. You can preview two album tracks over at Tradition's MySpace, "Time Life" and "This'll Never Last," both which are hushed folk ballads that displays a preoccupation with heartbreak and loss.

As is becoming the trend among indie artists, the album will available only on vinyl and digital formats. There's currently no information about how to order a copy of the record, but you'll doubtless be able to pick one up from either Blocks' or Creme Brute's website.

Tradition will tour in support of the album this summer, with shows in Montreal and Toronto, as well a number of U.S. dates. See the schedule at the bottom of the page, below the album tracklist.

In Small Gestures So Huge Love Is Everywhere:

1. "Dementia"
2. "Dead Flowers"
3. "Dead Frets"
4. "Time Life"
5. "For the One Who Saves You"
6. "This'll Never Last"
7. "Golden Beard"
8. "Peace Words"
9. "Songs for Europe"
10. "Eternity"

Tour dates:

7/6 Montreal, QC - Casa Del Popolo
7/15 Toronto, ON - DoubleDoubleLand
7/21Northampton, MA - TBA
7/22 New York, NY - TBA
7/23 Philadelphia, PA - Green Line Cafe
7/25 Durham, NC - The Pinhook
7/29 Houston, TX - Super Happy Fun Land
7/30 Austin, TX - End of an Ear
7/31 Albuquerque, NM - TBA
8/4 Los Angeles, CA - Echo Curio
8/5 San Francisco, CA - TBA