Tracy Shedd Louder Than You Can Hear

During her time at Teenbeat Records, Tracy Shedd fit the label’s characteristic sound so very well that there was no real need for reinvention or, to a lesser extent, ambition. But backed by her first consistent band, she has taken steps to move in a new direction. It’s no coincidence that she chose this title for her third album because she has finally let her louder ambitions take hold and create an album which has the depth that her previous releases have lacked. That is in no part due to her band, and in particular when James Tritten is given space for his guitar to soar on the wonderfully titled "If You Really Cared about Me You Would Have Kept in Touch for All Those Years.” Keep in mind that loud is a relative term though. She still plays classic indie pop, in a similar vein to the Pacific Ocean, with a longing in her voice that begs listeners to keep listening. Not that Louder Than You Can Hear is a one-dimensional recording by any means, because Shedd has the ability to shift between moods so easily that the whole album flows wonderfully and there really are no weak points. Hopefully this newer direction will stick. (Devil In the Woods)