Townes Van Zandt Celebrated with New Covers Comp Featuring Baroness's John Baizley, YOB's Mike Scheidt

Townes Van Zandt Celebrated with New Covers Comp Featuring Baroness's John Baizley, YOB's Mike Scheidt
Neurot Recordings will once again be toasting folk icon Townes Van Zandt via a second volume of Songs of Townes Van Zandt. An official due date for the covers set has yet to be delivered, but it's expected to land in March.

While the first volume featured Van Zandt songs as interpreted by Neurosis's Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till and the Obsessed's Scott "Wino" Weinrich, the impending follow-up brings in a new cast of collaborators. Nine songs have been recast by the likes of Baroness's John Baizley, YOB's Mike Scheidt, Windhand's Dorthia Cottrell, USX's Nate Hall, Katie Jones and Stevie Floyd (Dark Castle, Taurus). Some of the songs are done solo, while others are full-on collaborations

You'll see the tracklisting details down below.

Hall, who contributes to three separate covers on the collection, noted in a statement that he's not a fan of hearing a "well-rehearsed, perfectly tuned and meticulously finger-picked rendition" of any of Van Zandt's songs, claiming the folk favourite was more raw than rehearsed.

"I'm not buying anybody's domesticated, presentable, un-slurred, smiley faced and emasculated version of the man. And I ain't selling it either. If I'm going to play one of Mr. Van Zandt's songs, it's going make anyone in earshot a little uncomfortable," he said. "It will harsh some mellows, trigger some bad memories, some tears, bring it.....way down. Hell-fire man, play them in that hazy, beautiful, dangerous, wild and unreasonable place that birthed them! Forget you played it and play it twice! Botch the chords, miss some words, fall down off the chair. Man, he's up there, out there, under the bar and in your guitar laughing his guts out!"

While song previews have yet to be let loose, you can peep the cover art up above.

Songs of Townes Van Zandt Vol. II:

1. Mike Scheidt - To Live Is To Fly
2. Nate Hall - Pancho & Lefty
3. John Baizley & Katie Jones -St. John The Gambler
4. Mike Scheidt - Rake
5. Nate Hall & Stevie Floyd - Waitin' Around To Die
6. John Baizley & Katie Jones - For The Sake Of The Song
7. Mike Scheidt - Highway Kind
8. Nate Hall & Dorthia Cottrell - Our Mother The Mountain
9. John Baizley & Katie Jones - If I Needed You