Tower Records Documentary in the Works

Tower Records Documentary in the Works
Before it disappeared from North America in 2006, Tower Records was one of the leading music retail chains across the world. Considered by many to be the first signs of a shifting music industry in the face of the digital age, the disintegration of Tower is an important one. Thankfully, actor Colin Hanks (the son of Tom Hanks) is helping to produce a film about the company called All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records.

However, the filmmakers need a little help to get the documentary off the ground and have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

Here's what the filmmakers have to say about the fundraising aspect of the project:

As you can tell, we are looking to finish the production on our documentary film. So far we have pooled resources and some initial seed money to get the project off the ground. We are approaching this as a passion project, and as such are dedicated to making this film as cost effective as we can. In other words, we are trying to do this grassroots.

 We hope that with a little help from you, and the Kickstarter collective, we will be able to see this project to completion. Your donation will go towards the small nuts and bolts of filmmaking. These monies will help pay for various production and post production costs; including things like equipment rentals, additional personnel, and travel to locations to conduct interviews.

This will be a long process that will involve lots of time and energy but one that we are very passionate about. Our goal is for this to be a communal process, so please be a part of it! And please pass this along to friends and family, post it on your blog, twitter and Facebook us get the word out!

They've already raised over $12,000 towards their goal of $50,000. Those who choose to pledge can receive a variety of perks from a thank you in the film to DVDs, T-shirts, records and a private screening of the film in New York or Los Angeles. Pledges can be made over on the film's Kickstarter page.

While no solid release date has been set for All Things Must Pass, a trailer hosted by Colin Hanks can be streamed below.