Tough Alliance On the Cheap!

Tough Alliance On the Cheap!
After leaving North American fans hanging for way too long, the Tough Alliance are finally going domestic. On September 9, the OMD-loving Swedes will release their full-lengthsA New Chance and The New School in Canada and the US — a move that should annoy everyone who paid the high import prices and please all those who didn’t.

The duo’s most recent album, 2007’s A New Chance will now come via Modular, while Summer Lovers Unlimited will release 2005’s The New School, which will come sporting the videos "Koka-Kola Veins," "Holiday" and "I'll Be Right There."

Modular will also be preceding the September 9 releases with a single for "Neo Violence,” featuring remixes by Zongamin, Windsurf, Woolfy, and Laidback Luke. And with any luck, these new Tough Alliance releases will help dig the Aussie label out of that $5.9 million hole.

Here are the tracklistings for A New Chance and The New School

A New Chance

1. "Something Special”
2. "Miami”
3. "First Class Riot”
4. "A New Chance”
5. "The Last Dance”
6. "Looking for Gold”
7. "Neo Violence”
8. "1981"

The New School:

1. "Tough II”
2. "The New School”
3. "In the Kitchen”
4. "Make it Happen”
5. "My Hood”
6. "Koka-Kola Veins”
7. "Babylon”
8. "Keep it Pure”
9. "Holiday”
10. "Forever Utd.”
11. "Take No Heroes”
12. "I'll Be Right There”

The Tough Alliance - "A New Chance”