Total Babes "Blurred Time"

Total Babes 'Blurred Time'
Cloud Nothings fans are still waiting for frontman Dylan Baldi's collaborative album with Wavves, No Life for Me. In the meantime, some other members of Cloud Nothings have rolled out a new song with their side-project Total Babes.

This band features Cloud Nothings drummer Jayson Gerycz and former guitarist Joe Boyer. Their sophomore album is called Heydays, and it will be out on May 19 through Wichita Recordings.

The album's opening track is a rocking number called "Blurred Time." With its raw, distortion-fuelled rock arrangement and hint of melodic sweetness, it should strike a chord with fans of Cloud Nothings.

Notably, Heydays features synths from John Elliott of Emeralds and Outer Space, while Baldi plays sax on the track "Circling" (which can be heard here).