Tory Lanez Is Being Accused of Plagiarism Again

New York rapper VI Seconds thinks Lanez jacked his track
Tory Lanez Is Being Accused of Plagiarism Again
Today marks the release of Tory Lanez's second studio album Memories Don't Die, and while the Toronto MC is surely celebrating the arrival of his latest work, New York rapper VI Seconds thinks Lanez cribbed one of his tracks for the LP.

Taking to Twitter today, VI Seconds posted a video highlighting the similarities between Lanez's album cut "Hate to Say" and his own track "3:30AM," writing, "did Tory Lanez bite my shit or nah?! I feel like this shit is too similar bruh."

His video, which can be viewed in the player below, focuses on an instance of glaringly similar flow, lyrics and vocal delivery. While both tracks share production from Bobby Made the Beat, "3:30AM" arrived in 2016 as part of VI Seconds' Demigod mixtape, two years before "Hate to Say" appeared on Memories Don't Die.

It isn't the first time listeners have accused Lanez of lifting from other rappers. Upon the release of his I Told You LP in 2016, many remarked how the ending of Lanez's "4am Flex" was reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar's "The Art of Peer Pressure" when it came to the track's feel and vocal delivery.

Memories Don't Die is out now through Mad Love/Interscope and can be heard in its entirety here. You can compare "Hate to Say" and "3:30AM" for yourself in the players below.