Torture Storm Alert

Originally released in 1989, Storm Alert is a completely forgotten little gem of thrash metal. This Texas-based band specialised in totally over the top thrash. While not outrageously technical, the band insisted on drawing out every song to unholy lengths. It’s a fun time, but it’s also tiring, and by the time the 65-minute disc is over, no one’s going to want to hear it again anytime soon. Between the cool riffing and the inability to edit, Canada’s own Infernal Majesty comes to mind. Despite the fatigue this induces, the true thrash nut will want to hear it again at some point, be it for the ludicrous comedy track, "Slay Ride,” which pays homage to the underground horror movie series Silent Night, Deadly Night, or for little details like the truly Jeff Waters-worthy guitar solo on "Dwell into Surreality.” Me, I just love the vibe, the celebration of youthful thrash innocence. It’s a feeling that even today’s best retro thrash bands can’t recreate, even if their tunes are better. And speaking of over the top, the highlight of this disc is during the ridiculously-named "Ignominous Slaughter,” when the singer belts out, "Ignominous slaughter… ignominous!” (We Are Busy Bodies)