Torro Torro Knockin' Boots Mixtape

Torro Torro <i>Knockin' Boots</i> Mixtape
Torro Torro (aka Toronto's YO EV and Mikey Digits) have broke out their new mix in support of their "Knockin' Boots" single. The mixtape, which is going under the same name as the forthcoming single from Brooklyn's T&A Records, spans over 50 minutes, featuring an array of production duo's recent releases/remixes, favourites from the past few months and some brand new tunes that are just breaking on to the scene.

Down below the tracklist, you can stream Torro Torro's Knockin' Boots mixtape, and you can download it, no strings attached, over here

In support of their brand new mix/release, Torro Torro will be hosting a show this Saturday (August 7) at Toronto's Drake Underground. Doors will be open at 11 p.m. sharp, and will feature a special set from Toronto's own Mr. Charlton to get the night moving. Many in Toronto already know what to expect at this throw-down: music that will make you move all night and a host of great people to keep things interesting.

Knockin' Boots:  

Felix Da Housecat - "Oops!"
Torro Torro - "Knockin' Boots"
Junior Sanchez & DJ Reza - "Attack Music"
AutoErotique - "Bubonic"
Kill The Noise - "My World" (Torro Torro Remix)
Gooffee - "Flow" (Torro Torro Remix)
Sandro Silva - "Told Ya & Blaze"
Trish - "Bump" (Torro Torro Remix)
The Martin Brothers - "Steal Drums"
Jack Beats - "Out of Body"
Zombies For Money - "Sururumba"
Kink - "Existence"
Jaimie - Fanatic - "I'll Be Waiting"
Ultravid - "Clan Of Wow"
Sidney Samson - "Punkass" (The Mustard After The Meal Mix)
Tinashe - "Zambezi" (MJ Cole Remix)
Gonzales - "I Am Europe" (Claude Von Stroke Dub Mix)