Toro y Moi "Lilly" (video)

Toro y Moi 'Lilly' (video)
Perhaps unsurprisingly for a guy pictured eating pomelo on an album sleeve, Toro y Moi (a.k.a. Chaz Bundick) has brought us to the grocery store in his new video for What For? psych-dripper, "Lilly."

Like Radiohead's classic "Fake Plastic Trees" before it, this latest Toro y Moi visual offering finds Bundick and a series of shoppers looking pretty pensive in the supermarket as they check items off their lists. Some manhandle ground beef, others inspect the ingredients list of a bottle of tomato sauce, and Bundick seems to have a thing for purple cabbage.

Elsewhere, we're treated to shots of the band playing the song, as well as inarguably eroticized imagery of eggs, dangled wieners, bendy bananas, powdered donuts and more. This leads to a food-wasting finale of the band leader getting pelted with Pringles and hot peppers.

If you're not afraid of a little mess, you can peep the produce-plugging video down below.