Toro y Moi "2Late" (ft. Kool A.D. and SAFE)

Toro y Moi '2Late' (ft. Kool A.D. and SAFE)
Following this year's pop-rocking What For? LP, Toro y Moi has gone in another direction. Having recently shared the hip-hop-tinged soul-pop tune "room for 1zone," the songwriter is continuing down this path with "2Late."

This latest song is anchored by a crackly beat, while jazzy electronic piano plinks give way to woozy synth patches and buzzing bass. It features Kool A.D. and SAFE, who deliver rap-inspired Auto-Tune croons. Toro y Moi main man Chaz Bundick sings the final passage, but even with him on the mic, this sounds nothing like his past work.

Take a listen to "2Late" below. There's no word as to whether Toro will be playing any of this new material on tour in the coming months.