Torche Side-Project Tilts Prepping Debut LP

Torche Side-Project Tilts Prepping Debut LP
Torche have been busy plotting their next full-length, and first for Volcom Records, but guitarist Andrew Elstner, who joined the group in January, has been pulling double duty prepping the debut set from his other band Tilts.

The similarly stoney act have announced that they've recorded 12 songs that will appear on their first full platter sometime soon. While Torche resides in Florida, Elstner and Tilts tracked their tunes in their hometown of St. Louis in drummer Ken McCray's home studio. A proper tracklisting has yet to be revealed, but you can check out hard rockers "Hot for Pizza," "Palm Reader" and "Mexiqo" below.

Robotic Empire has signed on to issue the as-yet-untitled LP but explained that the label's busy release schedule has left them a little empty-pocketed, meaning both band and label are looking for fans to fill the gap via a Kickstarter fundraiser.

"To be blunt we are sorta skinny at the moment. This year alone (thus far) we've already pressed or re-pressed seven LPs, three 2xLPs, one 8xCD set, four cassette tapes, about a zillion t-shirts... you get the picture," the label said in a statement. "It's been a BUSY year to say the least, and not everything has sold berzerker-style... but regardless, we really really want to see this Tilts album happen proper, so we're swallowing a bit of pride and opening up the Kickstarter floodgates."

The group have already raised over $1,700 of the proposed $2,000 needed to get the tunes a proper mastering job and pressed on vinyl. If you're feeling generous, though, the band are still offering goodies on a sliding scale, based on your donation.

The bottom rung donation of $5 will get you a download of the new album, but anyone pledging $666 or more will get a copy of the LP, stickers, T-shirt, beer coozie, test press, custom drawing, hoodie and your photo in the album layout. Plus, Tilts will play a show for you and your friends at the venue of your choice (like maybe your house) if you live within four hours from St. Louis.

You can donate here.

TILTS - Hot For Pizza (unmastered) by RoboticEmpire

TILTS - Palm Reader (unmastered) by RoboticEmpire

TILTS - Mexiqo (unmastered) by RoboticEmpire