Top Songs for Summer Haters to Skip and Spin During a Heat Wave

Top Songs for Summer Haters to Skip and Spin During a Heat Wave
Unless you're stationed on the West Coast or way up north, chances are you've experienced the oppressive heat wave cutting across the country. And unless you're a total beach bum or some sort of masochist, chances are you're sitting at home in front of an oscillating fan or at some sweetly air-conditioned workplace just waiting for summer to pass. Regrettably, reports are coming in that the temperature's going to hover above the 30s straight through the weekend.

So, chill out as best you can, put your feet up on your favourite stool, grab a cold one and crank some tunes indoors. Here are just a few musical suggestions you may want to avoid or crank to get through the next few days.

Top Songs to Skip During a Heat Wave:

3. The Beatles "Here Comes the Sun"

It's a rock'n'roll staple, for sure, but if your AC is on the fritz, or you're lacking a sunbrella for your walk to the mailbox, the George Harrison-penned classic is just too chipper to deal with at present. The sun's been coming up every morning, shining down mercilessly on us no matter what we do. It's inescapable! True, a song called "Here Come the Clouds" would prove to be a major downer, but with our Slip 'n Slide in the shop, we're practically praying for something to set off god's sprinkler.

2. Best Coast "Summer Mood"

Last year, beach pop princess Bethany Cosentino had us in the palm of her hand as we swooned along to every sun-soaked, sad-sack missive of hers. Things are different now, and we're too sweaty to even consider strolling through the sand with our loved ones. "There's something about the summer that makes me moody," she coos on the cut. Yeah, it's called heatstroke. We're cranky too.

1. Cults "Go Outside"

Any other time of year, Brooklyn-based Cults' signature tune would be a welcome addition to any playlist, but the thought of venturing out of the apartment right now just boils our blood. Sure, at some point in the day, you've got to grab something to eat, because lord knows it's too hot in the kitchen. But mere seconds after strolling out of the DQ with an already-melting Oreo Blizzard in hand, you'll be considering Madeline Follin's cutesy beckon call a summery siren's trick.

Go Outside, by Cults from Boing Boing on Vimeo.