Top 20 Artists That Peaked With Their Debuts Revealed!

Top 20 Artists That Peaked With Their Debuts Revealed!
Finally a list worth reading. With careful consideration and spot-on execution, The A.V. Club has compiled a list titled "Too much, too soon," which counts down artists that peaked with their debut albums.

Of course, some are arguable, such as Black Flag, who turned in some high quality albums like My War and In My Head later in their career, and of course, Kanye is a controversial pick. But Nas, the Strokes, 50 Cent and Rage Against the Machine - can't argue those.

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20 Sunny Day Real Estate Diary
19 Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystyle
18 Supergrass I Should Coco
17 The Sugarcubes Life's Too Good
16 Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang
15 Boston Boston
14 Marshall Crenshaw Marshall Crenshaw
13 Black Flag Damaged
12 The Sundays Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
11 Taking Back Sunday Tell All Your Friends
10 Television Marquee Moon
9 Kanye West The College Dropout
8 John Prine John Prine
7 The Notorious B.I.G. Ready To Die
6 Nas Illmatic
5 The Modern Lovers The Modern Lovers
4 The Strokes Is This It
3 Richard Hell and the Voidoids Blank Generation
2 50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
1 Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine