Tool on U2's Record Store Day Flub: "Nice Try"

Tool on U2's Record Store Day Flub: 'Nice Try'
It's beginning to look like U2 can't release an album without screwing something up. After pissing everyone off with the iTunes roll-out of Songs of Innocence, the adult-contempo pop rockers issued a special physical version of the album for Record Store Day. As reported earlier this week, however, they blew that too — a handful of the LPs were instead stuffed with Tool's Opiate EP. Now, Tool have responded to the screw-up.

The group shared a post on their website and Facebook titled "NICE FREAKIN' TRY, U2," which you can read below.

NICE FREAKIN' TRY, U2... Some very lucky people who purchased U2's "Songs Of Innocence" during a recent record store...

Posted by Tool on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

U2 have yet to respond to the U-Tool debacle, though we're sure they'll find a way to apologize without actually apologizing.

Tool's sense of humour, on the other hand, has hardly been dormant this year. Earlier this month, they tricked fans with an April Fool's Day prank that saw them "leak" new music. The band are currently working on a new album.