Too Soon Monsoon and Eekwol Fight the "Cycle of Conflict" in New Video

Too Soon Monsoon and Eekwol Fight the 'Cycle of Conflict' in New Video
Saskatoon band Too Soon Monsoon have teamed with rapper Eekwol for a new song called "Cycle of Conflict," which arrives with a powerful video.
The song and video both grapple with the cyclical effect of residential schools, while also celebrating the resilience of Indigenous pride and culture.
Too Soon Monsoon's drummer Nathan Henry demonstrates traditional drumming, while his sister Latasha performs a jingle dress dance in the video. His sibling M.S. Henry, meanwhile, contributed the text that appears in the clip.
"The video demonstrates that when one person works on healing their inner conflicts, they can help others around them heal by providing space and support, which in turn can allow all of us to approach external, worldly conflicts with more understanding, compassion and humanity," the band tell Exclaim! "In order to see a change in the world, we must confront difficult truths so that we can heal together."
Watch the video for "Cycle of Conflict" below.
Too Soon Monsoon will release their new EP Stop the Cycle of Conflict tomorrow (March 13), the same day they perform at Saskatoon's Drift Café for JUNOfest.