Tommy Toussaint "Holding Cell"

Tommy Toussaint 'Holding Cell'
L.A.-based music-maker Tommy Toussaint is gearing up for his full-length debut, and has got the exclusive premiere of "Holding Cell" from the forthcoming album.

A Cool Kind of Love is set to arrive in the new year, but "Holding Cell" should hold fans over for a bit. The track stays in line with Toussaint's self-ascribed "softcore" genre label — "software-based music creation and the softness of the human touch," as he puts it.

The synth-heavy tune retains the "wistful nostalgia" of his previous work, but incorporates a sense of honesty and vulnerability. It's simultaneously introspective and danceable, ensuring that sadness has never sounded so slick.

A Cool Kind of Love officially drops on January 5 via Chill Mega Chill Records, but you can give "Holding Cell" a listen below right now.