Tommy Lee Never A Dull Moment

Why does Tommy Lee continue to bastardise the Mötley Crüe name by releasing substandard records? Never A Dull Moment is just another example of how the drummer-turned-vocalist constantly tests the patience of the already weary fan base he has retained from his former band. Although the disc gets closer to Lee's glam metal roots than his last outing with Methods of Mayhem, he still has a tight grasp on the industrial rung of the metal ladder. Despite this hold, he shamelessly marks a return to the power ballad (with orchestration and everything) with the aptly titled "Ashamed." Unfortunately it doesn't even hold a candle to classics like "Home Sweet Home," and his attempt to modernise classic David Bowie on "Fame-02" is nowhere near what Bowie himself did with the 1990 remix. Never A Dull Moment is a paparazzi-style peek into the lost soul of Tommy Lee: it is scary yet we all keep staring to see what will happen next. (Universal)