Tom Waits' Animated Short 'Tom Waits for No One' Being Restored for 35th Anniversary

Tom Waits' Animated Short 'Tom Waits for No One'  Being Restored for 35th Anniversary
It might not be a new album, but fans of Tom Waits can look forward to a restored version of the singer's 1979 animated short Tom Waits for No One coming their way in 2015.

A press release confirms that as part of its 35th anniversary celebration, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched on September 19, with plans to use the funds to properly restore the John Lamb-directed film. The final results will be shown March 20 and 21 at Hollywood's Catchlight Studios. Interestingly enough, the spot had previously been known as the La Brea Stage and was the filming site for the original production.

Animated by David Silverman (the first animator on The Simpsons), Tom Waits for No One was prepped by transferring live-action footage of Waits singing his Small Change number "The One That Got Away" alongside dancer Donna Gordon. This was done via the use of Rotoscope technology, which has animators tracing over top of the footage frame by frame.

According to the press release, the filmmakers will be "transferring the original live action footage of Tom Waits and the video pencil test to a contemporary format to be projected throughout the gallery; restoration and framing of original animation cels for display; and restoration of the Lyon Lamb Video Rotoscope used in the film's production." 

While the Kickstarter campaign has yet to go live, it's further explained that one incentive will be Tom Waits for No One-themed scrapbook. It's said that the item will include "a bevy of miscellanea created, drawn, doodled, or collected during the film's production." Preserved in the scrapbook will be storyboards, character designs, concept drawings and more.

While it looks a little lo-fi, you can check out Tom Waits for No One down below.