Boomer Tom DeLonge Is Now a Talking Plush Toy

His character from Blink-182's "First Date" video is "10 inches of pure Cali vibes"
Boomer Tom DeLonge Is Now a Talking Plush Toy
Tom DeLonge's Boomer character from Blink-182's "First Date" video has recently enjoyed a second life as an internet meme — and will now surely reach a new level of immortality as a talking plush toy.

DeLonge's "Boomer approved" figurine, seen above, is available through his To the Stars company. The limited-edition toy is "10 inches of pure Cali vibes" and comes with "detachable beer and skate accessories."

Of course, that's not all the toy comes equipped with. Per a product description, "Squeeze his beer belly for a variety of dumb audio clips that could only come from the premiere idiot savant."

The bar was admittedly low, but it sounds like this will beat the cake version of DeLonge by a mile.

If you really want to go further, DeLonge has also bundled his plush "First Date" video likeness with a skateboard deck bearing his moustachioed mug, which you can find here.

Last year, DeLonge discussed his GIF-related fame with 91X San Diego's Marty and Danielle. "It's the best thing ever! I love it," he told the hosts. "There's that one where they merged it with The Simpsons guy where he disappears into the hedge, they have one where they put the glasses on and it looks like The Matrix…I think it's so funny."

Last year also saw DeLonge sing on his first EDM song and direct a coming-of-age sci-fi film.