Tom DeLonge Says He's Doing "Really, Really Important Things" with Area 51

Tom DeLonge Says He's Doing 'Really, Really Important Things' with Area 51
The remaining members of Blink-182 recently entered the studio to record new material with Matt Skiba, but "divorced" member Tom DeLonge has no time for such small-potatoes pursuits. Aside from writing 15 novels with his bare hands (and some co-writers), the pop punk mystic has announced that he's taking his paranormal activities to the next level. Specifically, he claims he's now working on something with Area 51.

In a new interview with NME, DeLonge offered up some mysterious hints that he's working on something huge. "Beyond feature films, I'm doing a project I can't talk about that's bigger than Poet Anderson, that's dealing with issues of national security," he said. "So I'm flying out to New Mexico to have a meeting with the general of the US Air Force Space Command."

How many times do you think that general has made the "ground control to major Tom" joke?

But wait, it gets even crazier. In DeLonge's words, "What's even crazier is I had breakfast with two guys who work at Area 51 three days ago. So I'm telling you, I'm doing some really, really important things right now. And I don't have time to try and get people to believe in me or buy into it. When it rolls out, people will understand."

DeLonge went on to say that his history with Blink-182 means the band are still very important to him, but he has too many things on the go for it to be a top priority right now. Now that we know he's probably building a spaceship that will one day save the human race, we're starting to understand.