Tom DeLonge "New World" (video)

Tom DeLonge 'New World' (video)
Estranged Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge is currently prepping four albums15 novels and lord knows what else, but first he'll release To the Stars..., a collection of B-sides and demos. We've already heard the track "New World," and now it comes with a video.

The clip sees DeLonge getting his inner angsty rocker on as he smashes guitars and TVs. It's the ultimate teen punk video dream. Then he takes one of his beat-up guitars for a stroll, hitting up a grocery store and pensively mugging for the camera. It's all about as Tom DeLonge as Tom DeLonge can be.

Watch the video for "New World" below. To the Stars... is due out on April 21.