Tokyo Police Club "Your English Is Good"

Tokyo Police Club 'Your English Is Good'
It’s amazing how long they managed to ride 2006’s A Lesson in Crime EP, but Tokyo Police Club gave us a tasty bone to chew on in 2007 while they toured the world over and prepped their 2008 debut full-length (expected in April now). "Your English is Good” was released as a lone single in the UK on Memphis Industries and on their own newly-launched (?) label Mean Beard - or at least it was supposed to be. Regardless, the single made the rounds online and demonstrated that the young Newmarketers haven’t lost their spry spirit to overwhelming global demand. There are gang vocals abound, a great 1/2/3 punch with the guitar, bass and keys, and best of all, they leave plenty of space to work with freeing up some room to breathe on the bridge. But it still packs a hefty punch with Dave Monks sprawling bass interweaving with the harmonic make out session between Josh Hook’s guitar and Graham Wright’s keyboards. To all of those Strokes comparisons out there, sorry you're shit outta luck - the band have moved on. They still sound incredibly young though, but the vitality now is even stronger and the proof of them growing as musicians is in both the pudding and this new chapter of their career. Just watch them give Canadiana another boost in the international ranks come spring.