Tlaotlon "Novodene"

Tlaotlon 'Novodene'
Vancouver tape label 1080p keeps extremely busy, and the electronic imprint is keeping the music coming with yet another new release. Down Under beatmaker Tlaotlon's EP Ektomists will arrive on July 29, and the track "Novodene" can be heard ahead of time.

The track begins with a steadily thudding beat, but things quickly get freaky with a jumbled web of sampled rhythms, clanking synth weirdness and futuristic blips and bleeps.

According to a press release, the producer also known as Jeremy Coubrough has been getting "synthetic stimulation from a new e-cigarette. For Ektomists, the vapour flavour of choice was Redbull; thick plumes of smoke in front of dual 24-inch monitors displaying several new processes in the Tlaotlon sound."

Hear the song below. Ektomists can be pre-ordered here.