Titus Andronicus Announce 7-inch Series

Titus Andronicus Announce 7-inch Series
Though it was just last year that they released their Local Business LP, New Jersey punk act Titus Andronicus continue to prove their work ethic, announcing a brand new 7-inch series.

Aside from the size of the record format, the series sees the group enamoured with the number seven. The series will be composed of seven records, with one record arriving every seven weeks. The first, a reissue if the band's 2007 debut record, will arrive on July 7 (the seventh day of the seventh month).

They'll celebrate the arrival of the record with a performance at Brooklyn's Shea Stadium on July 7. Guess what time the show starts — 7:00 p.m.

The next 7-inch arrives on August 25 and marks a split between Titus Andronicus and Wicked Kind (a band who feature members of Titus Andronicus). From there, the remaining 7-inches will be splits with other bands.

Listen to Titus Andronicus's "Stranded (On My Own)" and Wicked Kind's "Sport," both from their forthcoming split, below.

To sign up for the singles series, keep an eye on the Titus Andronicus webstore.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.